Susan Owens

Susan Owens, is a

contemporary painter

who lives and works at

Albemarle Beach, NC.

A native of

Pennsylvania, her colorful

paintings pay homage to

her present lifestyle. Her

distinctive works of art

emanate joy and express

the natural beauty and

culture of eastern NC.

Oyster roasts and steamed

crabs, herons and song

birds and barn yard chickens

are all brought to life with

contrasting and harmonious

colors in bold compositions.

As the artist explains.

Susan Owens.jpg

“I love Down East and I

welcome you to join me

in a journey of my home.”

The artist paints with cold

wax and oil, applied with

palette knives. She applies

the strengths of her medium

to achieve textured surfaces

and vibrant hues. Her

presentation, reminiscent of

early 20th Century Cubism,

is confident and full of


Owens’ exhibitiions include

Maria V Howard Arts Center

National Juried Show and

Fine Arts League of Cary

among others. She is the

recipient of the NC Regional

Artist Project Grant. Her

artwork can be found in

galleries of the Chowan

County Arts Council,

Belle Arts Gallery,as

well as, as private