Jenny Mastin (Jenluma)

As an artist, I find my inspiration from natural and architectural environments. While growing up in Beaufort and Washington counties, I had first hand opportunities to explore ponds, creeks, rivers and sounds the way only children that are allowed to roam freely can experience. Having parents that enjoyed reading, inventing and telling tales to their children helped nurture my imagination and the blending of the real and my created images and symbols.

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My work seems to always be in a constant flux, as I strive to examine and react to the past and present ways  human beings have visually attempted to express their sense of place in the world. While I have enjoyed working in a variety of media, I have found that clay has been my primary medium of choice. I am not a traditional potter. My exploration and experimentation with clay imagery identifies me as a hand builder and sculptor. Each piece is born out of “PLAY” and “DISCOVERY” from an anthropological connection to traditional cultures, mythological stores, reading, nature hikes, rhythms and plain old everyday observations of things and interactions that are generally taken for granted.

I own and operate Junluma Clayworks Studio located in the Swindell Cash Store in historic Bath, North Carolina. I graduated from East Carolina School of Art and Design (1976) and Appalachian State University (1989) where I received my BS and MA degrees in Art Education; with studio concentrations in Crafts Design, Painting and Sculpture, respectfully. I have achieved more than 40 years experience working as a professional artist and art educator of children and adults.

I have exhibited my work in North Carolina since 1989 and nationally since 2007. I was an active member of the River Arts District Association from 2006-2012 in Asheville, NC where I maintained a working studio and was represented by the Constance William Gallery. I moved Jenluma Clayworks to Morganton, NC in 2013 and flourished in the town’s vibrant and supportive arts community until I relocated my studio to historic Bath, NC in May, 2018. I am included on the artists’ registries of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and the North Carolina Arts Council. Current gallery representation is with the Mel Shipley Gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the Crossnore Fine Art Gallery of Crossnore, the Hamilton Williams Gallery of Morganton, NC, the Belle Arts Gallery of Belhaven, NC and as a active member of the Odyssey Co-Op Gallery of Asheville, NC through 2018. My works can be found in private collections worldwide.

Jenny’s Collection