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Heike Brandt Winfield

“I Would Rather Do ART”.

In 2010 my family and I moved to Belhaven, NC.  This was an unfamiliar town to me and after living there for six months, I felt a need to express my emotions.  I began to decorate my home with my own art creations.  Soon I began selling my work at local fairs and craft shows.

An opportunity came my way in 2013, and I opened WinBrandt Creations and Company in Belhaven, NC where I could sell my art.  Very soon, more and more artists joined my little gallery.  I never judge other artists work, as I feel that all art is a matter of taste; you either love it or you hate it.  It is art.  Artists come and go, some pass away, but their art will always be remembered.

In my world, I like to beautify simple objects.  I am very inspired by my surroundings and fellow artists’ creations.  Working with different mediums allows me to channel my feelings and emotions into art. 

My artwork is currently for sale in three galleries in eastern North Carolina, at the Village Craftsmen on Ocracoke Island, Absolutely OBX in Kitty Hawk, NC, and Fabrics and Home Furnishings in Greenville, NC.  Now there is a fourth gallery, the newly opened Belle Arts Gallery in Belhaven, NC.

I will forever continue my art work and recently have accepted a new challenge, working for two very talented interior decorators in Greenville, NC, as the on-site artist.  

Heike’s Collection